CV English

CV English

Liisa Hashimoto (jewelry/art object designer)
Born: 1969. Texas, U.S.A.
Lives and works in Osaka, Japan

Artist Statement

1994 Graduated from School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston
(majored in metalsmith), Boston, Mass., U.S.A.
1991 Studied at North Bennet School (majored in jewelry technique),
Boston, Mass., U.S.A.

2004 Osaka Municipal Craft Park Award: Itami International Craft exhibition - Shuki (Japanese sake vessel)
2001 Itami Award: Itami International Craft Exhibition - Jewellery -

[Solo Exhibition]
2017 [Jewelry Exhibition] - at Galerie CEBRA, Dusseldolf, Germany
---- [Balancing Playground] - at Espace 446, Osaka, Japan
2015 [Townscape] - at SENSART Gallery, Nabari, Japan
---- [Townscape#2] - at OHMYBLUE, Venice, Italy
2014 [Playground and Shadow] - at Espace 446, Osaka, Japan
2013 [In the Darkness] - at Glan Fabrique, Osaka, Japan
2012 [In the Open Air] - at Espace 446, Osaka, Japan
---- [Light Fiction] - at Shibumi Gallery, Berkly, U.S.A.
---- [+Ladders] - at Maaane, Kyoto, Japan
2011 [MEBAE-RED SPOUT] - at e.g.etal, Melbourne, Australia
---- [MEBAE] - at Sipka, Nagoya, Japan
2010 [Chair a day] - at Gallery Espace 446, Osaka, Japan
-----[Shadows] - at millibar Gallery, Osaka, Japan
2009 [Leaf] - at atlier HiNGE, Osaka, Japan
2008 [A to Z] - at Getsumin Gallery, Osaka, Japan
2007 [Sorane Part2]- at Getsumin Gallery, Osaka, Japan
---- [Art jewelry exhibition]-at Gallery Tonan, Toyama, Japan
2006 [Sorane Part1]-at Gallery Espace 446, Osaka, Japan
2003 [Akazukin Part3]-at Gallery Anfer Keibunsha, Kyoto, Japan
2002 [Akazukin Part1]-at Hinge Dept.Accessory, Osaka, Japan
2001 [Waterweed Exhibition]-at Gallery Espace 446, Osaka, Japan
1999 [Liisa Art Jewelry Exhibition]-at Gallery T.K. Art, Osaka, Japan
1998 [Robot Exhibition]-at Shop and Gallery Shuhari, Osaka, Japan
1996 [One and Only Exhibition]-at Gallery Annui, Kobe, Japan

[Group Exhibition]
2016 [Liisa Hashimoto Exhibition]-at Kunst centrum Haarlem,
---- Haarlem, the Netherland
---- [SIERAAD Art Fair 2014]-Amsterdam, the Netherland
2015 [Katachitachi]-at Espace 446, Osaka, Japan
---- [SIERAAD Art Fair 2015]-Amsterdam, the Netherland
2014 [Existence]-at Gallery chef-d'oeuvre, Osaka, Japan
---- [The Earring Show 2]-at Velvetda Vinci, San Francisco, U.S.A.
---- [Duplicata-Earring Show]-at Galerie Noel Guyomarc'h,
---- Montreal, Canada
---- [SPNIS KA RITS]-at Putti Art Gallery, Riga, Latvia
---- [SIERAAD Art Fair 2014]-Amsterdam, the Netherland
2013 [SIERAAD] International Jewelry Fair - Amsterdam, the Netherlands
---- [Contemporary Art Jewelry Exhibition]-at Hankyu Department Store,
---- Osaka, Japan
---- [IT IS SNOWING A LITTLE] International jewelry exhibition,
---- at Gallery Putti, Riga, Latvia
2012 [The Big Design Market]- Melbourne, Australia
2011 [International Exhibition Conceptual Jewellry]-
---- at Putti Art Gallery, Latvia, Riga
2009 [Encounter by chance] jewelry and ceramic exhibition-
---- at Gallery 446, Osaka, Japan
2008 [Regeneration] jewelry and object exhibition-
---- at mane verkstad, Kyoto, Japan
2005 [Copper Exhibition]-at Gallery chef-d'oeuvre, Osaka, Japan
2001 [Water Planet 03 Exhibition]-at Selvis Gallery, Osaka, Japan
---- [Art Jewelry Exhibition]-at Gallery Aurus, Paris, France
2000 [Water Planet Exhibition]-at Gallery Muse, Osaka, Japan

2000 Exhibited at the Pret-A-Porter Paris - Premiere Classe - Paris, France
1996 Fashion Show of Deco Sugai - 1996-1997 Autum and Winter Tokyo Collection
---- (offered the art jewelry) Tokyo, Japan
1996 Fashion Show of Deco Sugai - Kyoto Fashion Cantata -
---- (offered the art jewelry) Kyoto, Japan

2017~ [Hiko Mizuno Jewelry College] - teaching metalsmithing
2007~ [THE ESPERANZA institute of foot ware design and technique]
----- teaching shoebuckle by metals
2006~ [Osaka Designers'College] - teaching metalsmithing

1999 Opened Atlier Shop of Art Jewelry - HiNGE dept.Accessory - Osaka, Japan
2005 Atlier HiNGE dept.Accessory moved to Morinomiya, Osaka, Japan

---- contemporary art jewelry book, published by Grupo Duplex, in Spain
2010 [BRAND JEWELRY] jewelry book, in Japan
2010 [Dreaming Jewelry] contemporary art jewelry book,
---- published by monsa, in Spain
2001 art book WATER PLANET03
---- YOUNG BLOOD jeunes createurs,in France
---- art book WATER PLANET02