Artist Statement

I am inspired by my immediate environment;
The playgrounds, parks, surrounding buildings and Japanese architecture.

I love observing the subtle movements and delicate balance in children’s playground
and parks and I reflect that in my jewelry.

Little seeds, buds and fresh leaves fascinate me. I love observing the
different shapes, forms and their seasonal changes.

In my work, I explore varied materials and references. I currently use Mizuhiki ( Twisted Japanese rice paper that is traditionally used for decoration for envelopes ). 

I enjoy using the Mizuhiki in my jewellery and hope it brings joy to the wearer.

Liisa Hashimoto

Production Pieces

Limited Edition

Mizuhiki Series

Objects & One off Series

HiNGE dept. Accessory

9-22, 2chome Morinomiyachuo, Chuoku Osaka Japan 540-0003