Liisa Hashimoto (jewelry/art object designer) 

Born: 1969. Texas, U.S.A. ( Nationality: Japanese)
Lives and works in Osaka, Japan

1994-Graduated from School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston
        (majored in metalsmith), Boston, Mass., U.S.A.
1991-Studied at North Bennet School (majored in jewelry technique),
         Boston, Mass., U.S.A.

2004-Osaka Municipal Craft Park Award: Itami International Craft exhibition                
2001-Itami Award: Itami International Craft Exhibition - Jewellery -

[Solo Exhibition]

2019-[古工場に芽生える緑-Green Buds in the Rusty Factory]

        -at Espace 446, Osaka, Japan

2018-[Balancing Playground #2] - at Galerija ARgenTum, Lithuania

2017-[Jewelry Exhibition] - at Galerie CEBRA, Dusseldolf, Germany
        -[Balancing Playground] - at Espace 446, Osaka, Japan
2015-[Townscape] - at SENSART Gallery, Nabari, Japan
        -[Townscape#2] - at OHMYBLUE, Venice, Italy
2014-[Playground and Shadow] - at Espace 446, Osaka, Japan
2013-[In the Darkness] - at Glan Fabrique, Osaka, Japan
2012-[In the Open Air] - at Espace 446, Osaka, Japan
        -[Light Fiction] - at Shibumi Gallery, Berkly, U.S.A.
        -[+Ladders] - at Maaane, Kyoto, Japan
2011-[MEBAE-RED SPOUT] - at e.g.etal, Melbourne, Australia
        -[MEBAE] - at Sipka, Nagoya, Japan
2010-[Chair a day] - at Gallery Espace 446, Osaka, Japan
        -[Shadows] - at millibar Gallery, Osaka, Japan
2009-[Leaf] - at atlier HiNGE, Osaka, Japan
2008-[A to Z] - at Getsumin Gallery, Osaka, Japan
2007-[Sorane Part2] - at Getsumin Gallery, Osaka, Japan
        -[Art jewelry exhibition] - at Gallery Tonan, Toyama, Japan
2006-[Sorane Part1] - at Gallery Espace 446, Osaka, Japan
2003-[Akazukin Part3] - at Gallery Anfer Keibunsha, Kyoto, Japan
2002-[Akazukin Part1] - at Hinge Dept.Accessory, Osaka, Japan
2001-[Waterweed Exhibition] - at Gallery Espace 446, Osaka, Japan
1999-[Liisa Art Jewelry Exhibition] - at Gallery T.K. Art, Osaka, Japan
1998-[Robot Exhibition] - at Shop and Gallery Shuhari, Osaka, Japan
1996-[One and Only Exhibition] - at Gallery Annui, Kobe, Japan

[Group Exhibition]

2019-[SIERAAD Art Fair 2019] - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

       -[ 線のさきに- beyond the line 2人展 ]

         with Hiroyo Kotani drawing - at Sensart Gallery, Nabari, Japan

2018-[SIERAAD Art Fair 2018] - Amsterdam, the Netherland

       -[Relay] Group Exhibition - at C'est la vie, Osaka, Japan

       -[Katashigure]with Tomoko Tagawa - at Sen Gallery, Osaka, Japan

2016-[Liisa Hashimoto Exhibition] - at Kunst centrum Haarlem,
         Haarlem, the Netherland
2015-[Katachitachi] - at Espace 446, Osaka, Japan
        -[SIERAAD Art Fair 2015] - Amsterdam, the Netherland
2014-[SIERAAD Art Fair 2014] - Amsterdam, the Netherland

     [Existence] - at Gallery chef-d'oeuvre, Osaka, Japan
       -[The Earring Show 2] - at Velvetda Vinci, San Francisco, U.S.A.
       -[Duplicata-Earring Show]-at Galeri      NoelGuyomarc'h,Montreal,Canada
       -[SPNIS KA RITS] - at Putti Art Gallery, Riga, Latvia
       -[SIERAAD Art Fair 2014] - Amsterdam, the Netherland
2013-[SIERAAD] International Jewelry Fair - Amsterdam, the  Netherlands
       -[Contemporary Art Jewelry Exhibition] - at Hankyu Department Store, Osaka, Japan
       -[IT IS SNOWING A LITTLE] International jewelry exhibition,
        at Gallery Putti, Riga, Latvia
2012-[The Big Design Market] - Melbourne, Australia
2011-[International Exhibition Conceptual Jewellry]-
        at Putti Art Gallery, Latvia, Riga
2009-[Encounter by chance] jewelry and ceramic exhibition-
        at Gallery 446, Osaka, Japan
2008-[Regeneration] jewelry and object exhibition-
        at mane verkstad, Kyoto, Japan
2005-[Copper Exhibition] - at Gallery chef-d'oeuvre, Osaka, Japan
2001-[Water Planet 03 Exhibition] - at Selvis Gallery, Osaka, Japan
       -[Art Jewelry Exhibition] - at Gallery Aurus, Paris, France
2000-[Water Planet Exhibition] - at Gallery Muse, Osaka, Japan

2000-Exhibited at the Pret-A-Porter Paris - Premiere Classe - Paris, France
1996-Fashion Show of Deco Sugai - 1996-1997 Autum and Winter Tokyo Collection (offered the art jewelry) Tokyo, Japan
1996-Fashion Show of Deco Sugai - Kyoto Fashion Cantata -
        (offered the art jewelry) Kyoto, Japan

2017~ [Hiko Mizuno Jewelry College] - teaching metalsmithing
2006~2017 [THE ESPERANZA institute of foot ware design and technique]
     teaching shoebuckle by metals
2006~ [Osaka Designers'College] - teaching metalsmithing

1999-Opened Atlier Shop of Art Jewelry - HiNGE dept.Accessory - Osaka, Japan
2005-Atlier HiNGE dept.Accessory moved to Morinomiya, Osaka, Japan

        contemporary art jewelry book, published by Grupo Duplex, in Spain
2010-[BRAND JEWELRY] jewelry book, in Japan
2010-[Dreaming Jewelry] contemporary art jewelry book,
        published by monsa, in Spain
2001-art book WATER PLANET03
        YOUNG BLOOD jeunes createurs,in France
        art book WATER PLANET02